Wings of Music

What makes a celebration memorable? There is no definite answer. Every element of the celebration makes the experience memorable. The smell, the setting, the music, and the special people in your life are the elements which make it a day to remember. For Orkest Magic, music is not a mere form of entertainment. It has wings that fly across time. It touches many hearts and souls. If you have a special day in your life that you would like to be a memorable one, call Orkest Magic. We will make a second love like your first. We’ll attach wings to that day and let it fly with the greatest memories that will stand the test of time.

Serenade Your Love with Orkest Magic

Are you planning to propose to the one that makes turned your world upside down? Why don’t you serenade her with Victoria Milan songs? Let her feel that she is special. Let her realize that she is the one and no one in nederlandse datingwebsite could ever replace her in your heart. It’s good to convey these feelings of love through words, but the best way to do it is through action. Serenade your love with Orkest Magic. We’ll play the most romantic songs ever written to convey these feelings of love like nothing in this world can. Our speciality is not about being an orchestra, it’s about resurfacing deep emotions through our music. If you have not experienced any of our concerts,

Instrumental Drama

Orkest Magic uses unconventional instruments which are forgotten by our generation. Not only these instruments are unique, but they also produce a distinct sound that adds uniqueness to our music. We’ll feature harmonica, Kalimba, and harp. Only a few people still recall playing these instruments. We love the instrumental drama that these instruments give. We do appreciate electronic music, but for us, nothing beats the real thing. Music might evolve to digital, but let us not forget the instruments where the music we are enjoying today were derived from.

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